Resources for Parents & Teachers

The Children’s Room has such an extensive collection of materials; we have found it helpful for our patrons to separate books into various categories. Here are three of our most popular categories:

Parent/Teacher (P/T)

In this section, patrons can find both fiction in an illustrated book format that are great choices for sharing with a class or an older child. Stories and information are conveyed through both text and vivid illustrations. An example would be Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco, a riveting Civil War story of a fifteen year old wounded white Union soldier rescued by a young black Union soldier, both hiding from the Confederate Army. Click here to browse the collection.

Parent/Child (P/C)

In these books, information of interest to families can be found. Issues such as special needs, health and nutrition, adoption, divorce, and death are among some of the subjects covered in this collection aimed to inform and aid families. Click here to browse the collection.

Manners, Emotions, and Conduct (MEC)

This collection grew out of a response to the many patrons who requested books on behavior and emotions such as sharing and being afraid, taming tempers and dealing with bullies. Etiquette books can also be found in this collection shelved just past our welcoming arch as you enter the children’s room. Click here to browse the collection.


Does you little reader love dinosaur stories? Or do they like to read about trucks? Nature? How about picture books about princesses or dragons? Seasons or schools? We have these and more, separated into categories to make the books that interest your reader easy to locate. Click here to see the books in their categories. 


If you want some help finding a new book, give NoveList K-8 Plus a try. You can use it to search for new titles and the results will match your preferences. For the easiest search, try the Recommended Reads Lists. They’re located on the left side of the homepage and span all genres and age levels. Need help? Ask a librarian!

Financial Literacy Resources
Ten Free Online Financial Literacy Resources
These websites teach about money and personal finances through games, videos, or text. Some require registration. They are all good, so pick one that teaches the way you like to learn. Most of them teach strategies to meet financial goals, particularly saving and budgeting. Some also teach about borrowing and investing.

Money Smart 8 game-based lessons for young adults or 11 lesson for adults, in English or Spanish. Podcast lessons are also offered. 

Money Matters Learn all about budgeting, planning, saving, and building credit. 

Gen i Revolution A financial simulation game for teens. The game includes sixteen missions in which students learn about investing and other financial topics by helping people in financial trouble. 

Moneytopia A detailed financial simulation game geared toward adults, but teens could play, too. There are also video tutorials on different financial topics.

Don’t Get Debt Slapped 20 short video lessons to help high school students wisely finance college education and learn about credit and loans. These are good lessons for anyone who will need to borrow to pay for college.

Money Sense, from the same organization as Debt Slapped, offers 10 chapters of video financial lessons for adults.

Teen’s Guide to Money Financial lessons and information for teens, written by a New Jersey teenager.

Financial Entertainment A library of free online and mobile games to improve personal financial knowledge.

Practical Money Skills for Life Financial information and games (Financial Football and Financial Soccer) to test financial knowledge. They are testing games, not teaching games, so learn before playing.

FinAid! Lots of information about applying for and understanding financial aid for college.