Computer Access

Computer Access at the New Rochelle Public Library

Thrid Floor Computer Lab (2)The New Rochelle Public Library offers free access to computers and the Internet. All users must agree to abide by the library’s internet policy in order to use the computers. It is recommended that users have a valid New Rochelle Public Library or any other Westchester Public Library card to use the computers. Visitors without a Westchester System’s Library card should check in at the 2nd floor Reference Desk. Selected public-access internet computers are equipped with scheduling and print management software. This software allows patrons to reserve a computer in advance with a valid library card number. It also helps track the amount of time each user is on a computer to facilitate equal access.

FirstFind Training Workshop6Computer classes are offered at the library free of charge. Class schedules are available on each floor reference desk and classes are listed on the online calendar. Patrons must sign up for each class in advance in order to reserve a seat as space is limited. Register online or in person at the 2nd floor Reference Desk or call the library at (914) 813-3737. Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.

Tech Skills for Success
A STEM Alliance program and Westchester County Digital Equity Initiative

Check back for Winter 2024 dates.

Keep up in today’s digital world and learn the computer skills you need to succeed! Complete this 15 hour program and earn a new Chromebook.

This course provides:

  • An introduction to Google Suite Platforms
  • Engaging projects to practice skills
  • Guidance on how to access free resources to practice skills on your own.

No computer experience necessary. 

To learn more and register,please call 914-231-3244, ext. 244; or email

Click here for a listing of computer classes currently being offered. You may register online or stop by the information desk on the 2nd floor. 

Computer Basics 1: Getting Started

Learn the parts of a computer, the basics of using a computer and how to run programs. You’ll get practice using a mouse and keyboard and learn how to navigate within Windows through hands-on practice and exercises. (No previous knowledge of computers is required.)

Computer Basics 2: Explore the Internet

Learn about the Internet and the World Wide Web; learn how to use a browser to access the internet and use Google to find information on the internet. (Basic Computer class or some knowledge of computers required.)

Computer Basics 3: Email

Learn how to open an email account, read and send messages, and attach and download files using Gmail. Participants may also receive help signing up for a Gmail account at the end of class. (Basic Computer class of some knowledge of computers required.)

Social Media 101

In this course, you will learn all about Facebook; become a member of this free website and post messages and photos online. You will also learn to use LinkedIn to search for jobs, business opportunities, and network with other professionals.

How to Scan Documents and Upload Photos

Learn how to scan photos or images, change resolution and size of photos, how to select a file format, and save images to a disk. An understanding of Windows and keyboard and mouse use is required.

eBooks Made Easy

Did you know you can read eBooks, listen to audiobooks, and even watch movies on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, all for FREE with your library card? In this hands-on session you will learn how to set up your device, choose and download materials, place digital holds on popular items, and more. Bring your own device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) if you have one, or explore our eBooks website using a library computer.

Mobile Device Apps: How Do They Work?

Learn how to install apps on your mobile device as well as tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your smartphone.

Online Storage Basics: Access your files from anywhere

Explore the cloud and find out what online storage can do for you. Google Drive is the primary site we’ll explore, but the class also provides some basic information relating to several other prominent storage sites. Prerequisite: Internet Basics or previous Internet experience.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel

Learn to create, edit and format a simple spreadsheet, perform calculations, save, print and open files in Microsoft Excel. This is a four-session, hands-on class for new users. Participants must attend all sessions. An understanding of Windows and keyboard and mouse use is required. Registration is limited.

Help with P.C.s & Technology Drop-in

Drop-in Session: Ask a computer PC question (you can even bring in your laptop, iPad, Kindle or Nook); Receive hands-on instruction on downloading Free eBooks and audiobooks, instructions on searching through the library’s downloadable collection and checking one out; and more.

Introduction to Microsoft Word (English)

Learn how to create a simple document, edit and format text, correct spelling, adjust margins, save, print and open files in Microsoft Word.

Introduccion al Uso de Microsoft Word (en español)

Aprender a crear un documento sencillo, editar y dar formato al texto, corregir la ortografía, ajustar los márgenes.



GCF Learning 
From the Goodwill Community Foundation Inc., this free online educational website focusing on technology, job training, reading, and math skills.

Digital Learn
collection of video-based tutorials to help inexperienced and low-level learners with computers and the internet.

Linkedin Learning 
Thousands of online courses to learn in-demand skills from real-world industry experts. Get started with your library card.


How to Reserve a Computer 

Second Floor Desk (3)Residents of New Rochelle and Westchester County need a valid library card to reserve selected public-access internet computers at the library. All guest users must see the librarian for assistance. Computers may be reserved in advance. Call the Reference Desk at (914) 813-3737 and request the time you wish to use a computer. When at the library you may log onto any unused computer without making a reservation or use the Reservation Station to schedule the next available computer when all computers are in use.

How to Print Your Document 

Printers are available on each floor of the library. You may buy a print card or use cash to retrieve your print jobs. Printing costs $0.20 per black & white page and $0.50 per color page, and requires the purchase of a $0.50 print card.

WiFi Printing

Did you know that patrons can send documents to the library for printing from just about anywhere? There are several different methods, use the one that best suits your needs.

  • Click here and upload your document. You will be asked to enter an email address, that email address will be used to collect your print job at the library.
  • Download the PrinterOn app for your smartphone or tablet, click here.
  • Email the document you wish to print:

For black & white printing, send your email to

For color printing, send your email to

To retrieve a print job, just stop by the library’s print release stations located at the Main Library’s 1st and 2nd floors.  All print jobs will be held for 2 hours. Printing costs $0.20 per black & white page and $0.50 per color page, and requires the purchase of a $0.50 print card.


The New Rochelle Public Library is pleased to offer Wi-Fi enabled Chromebooks and iPads, along with Wi-Fi Hotspots for lending. The Chromebooks, iPads and Hotspots are available to be checked out to New Rochelle residents with valid a NRPL library card.

Guidelines for Borrowing and Use      

  • 18 years or older to check out a Chromebook, iPad or Hotspot
  • New Rochelle Library Card in good standing (Only NRPL card holders may check out Chromebooks, iPads and Hotspots) and photo ID must be provided at check-out.
  • Borrower is limited to checking out one (1) device at a time
  • Chromebook, iPad or Hotspot devices can be checked out for a three week (21 day) loan period. Chromebooks and iPads will be automatically renewed and the checkout period will be six weeks.

For Chromebook availability, please click here.
For iPad availability, please click here.
For Hotspot availability, please click here


The New Rochelle Public Library
Policy on Public Use of the Internet

Guidelines on Access to Information

The New Rochelle Public Library is guided by the following American Library Association statements on access to information:

  • The Library Bill of Rights

  • Freedom to Read Statement

  • Freedom to View Statement

To fulfill its mission of providing public access to information of all types in a wide range of formats, the Library provides access to Internet resources.

The Library is guided by a commitment to access to information policies that provide appropriate protections to its users while being consistent with the Library’s longstanding commitment to the principles of free expression as set forth in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Staff Assistance and Instruction

Library staff will assist users with the Internet as time permits. For adult assistance, see the second floor information desk. For assistance with children’s use of the Internet, see the staff in the children’s area. For free Internet instruction, see the Calendar* for topics and schedule of classes.

Choosing and Evaluating Sources

Information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. The Library specifically encourages users to evaluate the validity and appropriateness of information found. The Library also specifically disclaims any warranty or endorsement of information accessed on the Internet. The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its electronic services, or from its connections to Internet services though any Internet service provider.

Access by Minors

Library users access the Internet at their own discretion. As with library materials, the restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. Library staff reserve the right to terminate a minor’s Internet session if the site/content is judged inappropriate. With regard to children and teenagers, the library recommends that parents/legal guardians take an active interest in their children’s online use.

Rules Governing Use

The Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time for an Internet session and the number of sessions per day for an individual user as well as to set limits on accessing, downloading and/or printing large files. The Library further reserves the right to exercise discretion in any matter concerning Internet usage in the Children’s Room. Users must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including laws governing the transmission and dissemination of information while accessing the Internet, and with all Library policies and procedures. This policy applies to all Library Internet usage, regardless of the source of the Internet connection or the ownership of the device accessing the Internet.

Prohibited Uses

Users may not use the Internet:

  • To make unauthorized entry into any communication service or resource.

  • To invade the privacy of others.

  • In violation of copyright law, program or data licenses, or other intellectual property protections.

  • To view provocative sexual imagery.

  • To engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory.

  • To make any attempt to alter or damage computer equipment or software.

  • To access any social networking site in the Children’s Room, unless it is either school related or authorized by staff.

  • In a manner inconsistent with the Library’s tax-exempt status or its proper operation.

  • For any illegal activity.

Public Users’ Security

Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users’ activities. The Library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by members of the public except as required by law or necessary for the proper operation of the Library.

Safe Communications

The Library recommends the following guidelines for adults and minors when using the Internet:

  • Never give out identifying information, such as name, social security number, personal account information, home address, school name or telephone number about yourself or any other person.

  • Let parents or guardians decide whether personal information such as age, family or financial information should be revealed.

  • Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone via the computer without parents’ or guardians’ approval.

  • Never respond to messages that are suggestive, obscene, threatening, or make one uncomfortable.

  • If anyone becomes aware of the transmission of child pornography, notify staff immediately.

  • Remember that people online may not be who they say they are.

  • Remember that everything communicated online may not be true.

  • When you are finished, remember to log out of your Internet account and terminate your Internet session. Never select an option to store or remember passwords.


The Library reserves the right to take appropriate action to insure compliance with this policy. Violations may result in loss of access. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Adopted by the New Rochelle Public Library Board of Trustees on April 13, 2017.

Click here to view a printable version.