Israel Forum Collection

The New Rochelle Public Library is delighted to join with the Israeli Consulate in New York to create a book collection at the New Rochelle Public Library to be known as the  Israel Forum Collection.  

This collection is in honor of Hebrew Language Day celebrated every year to mark the birth of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who was the driving force behind the revival of the Hebrew language in the modern era. A language that has roots that date back more than 3,000 years, it re-emerged after centuries , and is now flourishing in the 21st century. The Hebrew Language is the native tongue to millions of diverse people residing in Israel, who came from all over the world and adopted Hebrew as their mother tongue, a language that unites Israelis and bridges many of this multicultural and multi ethnic nation. 

Books will include a variety of topics as they pertain to culture, history, economics, agriculture, fiction, homemaking, fashion, exercise, and more. All will be available to the public beginning in Jan 2021 as part of the on going growth of our library and its book collections as well as continuing programs via zoom for now where the public can tune in and learn more about Israeli culture and many topics pertaining to our diverse world. The majority of the books were written originally in Hebrew, and is provided to you in its English/Spanish version to give you an opportunity to get closer to this beautiful language and culture. 

Find the Children’s Israel Forum Collection in our catalog here.
Find the Teen’s Israel Forum Collection in our catalog here.