Be Informed/Be Engaged

Fact Checking

If you are unsure whether a news headline or article is true or false, check the following websites:


There are several browser extensions to help you identify the validity of online news, find some examples here.

Do you want to test your judgement of fake news? Play this game and to test your ability to detect fake news from real.

If you are still unsure – ask us! Our staff is here to help you find reliable sources.

Be Engaged

IssueVoter allows you to choose the issues you care about and get alerts about relevant new bills, before Congress votes. It also allows you to send your opinion directly to your Representative. 

Attend town hall meetings! There is no better way to influence your representatives than in-person conversations. Click here to find upcoming meetings. 

Keep track of upcoming legislation and tell your lawmaker how to vote on bills through Countable

Run for Office

Interested in running for office? Here are some very useful links:

New York State – Run for Office
Westchester County – Run for Office
Ready to Run
Running Start
Vote Run Lead
She Should Run
Women’s Campaign Fund

Contact Your Elected Officials 

Contact Local Elected Officials

  • U.S. Mayors – Locate mayors by name, city, or population size.
  • County Executives – Search on a map or by your zip code to find the head of the executive branch of government in your county. (The county executive may be an elected or an appointed position.)
  • Other Local Government Officials – Get contact information for your city, county, and town officials in your state. 

Contact State Elected Officials

  • State Governors – Learn how to get in touch with your state governor.
  • State Legislators – Find the names and current activities of your state legislators.

Contact Federal Elected Officials

  • President Joe Biden – Contact the President of the United States by submitting your comments or questions online.
  • Members of the U.S. Congress
    • U.S. Senators – Get contact information for your Senators in the U.S. Senate.
    • U.S. Representatives – Find the website and contact information for your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.