Summer Reading Game

Spend your summer reading great books and you can win some fun prizes! Fill in a Bingo Card online through ReadSquared or print your Bingo card with titles of books you’ve read!

Ready to play Book Bingo? Click here for your Book Bingo card (or here for a printable version) and get reading! Our librarians have compiled several suggestion lists to help you find great reads in each category.

If you complete a row across or down, you’re eligible for a prize. If you fill the whole card, you are eligible for a BIG prize (prizes include newly-released books, literary-themed gifts, local restaurant gift cards – and more.) If you’ve printed your card, just drop it off at the Main Library or scan it and send to by September 8, 2020. 

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Bagwell, Gillian, The September Queen.
Bellow, Saul, The Dean’s December.
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda, June.
Bowen, Elizabeth, The Last September.
Bowen, Brenda, Enchanted August.
Brooks, Geraldine, March.
Camilleri, Andrea, August Heat.
Clair, Maxine, October Suite.
Clancy, Tom, The Hunt For Red October.
Deaver, Jeffery, October List.
Doctorow, E.L., The March.
Dunn, Suzannah, The May Bride.
Ellison, Ralph, Juneteenth.
Fast, Howard, April Morning.
Faulkner, William, Light In August.
Faulks, Sebastian, A Week In December.
Finch, Charles, The September Society.
Flaubert, Gustave, November.
Flynn, Michael, The January Dancer.
Fraser, Anthea, The April Rainers.
Glass, Julia, Three Junes.
Gordimer, Nadine, July’s People.
Halberstam, David, October 1964.
Hill, Clint, Five Days In November.
Hill, Reginald, An April Shroud.
Hoover, Colleen, November 9.
Jio, Sarah, Goodnight, June.
Jio, Sarah, Violets of March.
Jones, Stephen Mack, August Snow.
Kadare, Ismail, Broken April.
Kerr, Philip, March Violets.
Kogan, Deborah Copaken, Between Here and April.
Kovic, Ron, Born On the Fourth of July.
Letts, Tracy, August: Osage County.
Levenson, Barbara, Fatal February.
Lourey, Jess, January Thaw.
Mayhew, Anna Jean, The Dry Grass of August.
Noonan, Rosalind, One September Morning.
O’Brien, Edna, Wild Decembers.
Patterson, James, 4th of July.
Pilcher, Rosamunde, September.
Pilcher, Rosamunde, Snow In April.
Rand, Ayn, Night of January 16th.
Roffey, Monique, August Frost.
Roncagliolo, Santiago, Red April.
Rowe, Rosemary, The Ides of June.
Shreve, Anita, A Wedding In December.
Simenon, Georges, November.
Smith, Martin Cruz, December 6.
Sofer, Dalia, The Septembers of Shiraz.
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, August 1914.
Subercaseaux, Elizabeth, A Week In October.
Tippins, Sherill, February House.
Tuchman, Barbara W., The Guns of August.
Valent, Jennifer Erin, Fireflies In December.
Wilder, Thornton, The Ides of March.
Winik, Jay, April 1865: The Month That Saved America.
Woodward, Gerard, August.
Zelazny, Roger, A Night in the Lonesome October.
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Albanese, Laurie L., Stolen Beauty. (Adel Bloch Bauer/Gustav Klimt)
Albert, Susan Wittig, A Wilder Rose. (Rose Wilder Lane)    
Ashford, Lindsay Jayne, The Woman on the Orient Express. (Agatha Christie)
Barnes, Julian, The Noise of Time. (Shostakovich)
Barron, Stephanie, That Churchill Woman. (Jennie Jerome)
Bayard, Louis, Courting Mr. Lincoln.
Benedict, Marie, The Only Woman in the Room. (Hedy Lamarr) 
Benedict, Marie, The Other Einstein. (Mitza Marek)
Benjamin, Melanie, Mistress of the Ritz. (Blanche & Claude Auzello)
Benjamin, Melanie, The Aviator’s Wife. (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)
Benjamin, Melanie, The Swans of Fifth Avenue. (Babe Paley/Truman Capote)
Berg, Elizabeth, The Dream Lover. (George Sand)
Bird, Sarah, Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen. (Cathy Williams)
Bracewell, Patricia, Shadow on the Crown.  (Emma of Normandy)
Brown, Carrie, The Stargazer’s Sister. (Caroline Herschel)
Callahan, Patti, Becoming Mrs. Lewis. (Joy Davidman & C.S. Lewis)
Calvi, Mary, Dear George, Dear Mary. (George Washington & Mary Philipse)
Cameron, Rita, Ophelia’s Muse. (Dante Gabriel Rossetti/Elizabeth Siddal)
Campion, Emma, A Triple Knot. (Joan of Kent)
Carey, Edward, Little. (Madame Tussaud)
Chevalier, Tracy, Remarkable Creatures.  (Mary Anning)
Chiaverini, Jennifer, Fates and Traitors: A Novel of John Wilkes Booth.
Chiaverini, Jennifer, The Spymistress. (Elizabeth Van Lew)
Cobbs, Elizabeth, The Hamilton Affair. (Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth Schuyler)
Cobbs, Elizabeth, The Tubman Command. (Harriet Tubman)
Dray, Stephanie & Laura Kamoil, America’s First Daughter. (Martha ‘Patsy’ Jefferson)
Dunant, Sarah, In the Name of the Family. (Borgias)
Dutton, Danielle, Margaret the First. (Margaret Cavendish)
Elkins, Kimberly, What Is Visible. (Laura Bridgman)
Feldman, Ellen, A Terrible Virtue. (Margaret Sanger)
Forsyth, Kate, The Wild Girl. (Dortchen Wild/Wilhelm Grimm)
Fowler, Therese, A Well-Behaved Woman. (Alva Vanderbilt)
Francis, Richard, Crane Pond: A Novel of Salem. (Samuel Sewell)
George, Margaret, The Confessions of Young Nero.
George, Margaret, The Splendor Before the Dark. (Nero)
Girard, Anne, Madame Picasso. (Eva Gouel)
Girard, Anne, Platinum Doll. (Jean Harlow)
Goldreich, Gloria, The Bridal Chair. (Ida Chagall)
Goodwin, Daisy, Victoria. (Queen Victoria)
Gortner, C.W., Mademoiselle Chanel. (Coco Chanel)
Gortner, C.W., Marlene. (Marlene Dietrich)
Gortner, C.W., The Queen’s Vow. (Isabella of Castille)
Gortner, C.W., The Romanov Empress. (Maria Feodorovna)
Gortner, C.W., The Vatican Princess. (Lucrezia Borgia)
Gregory, Philippa, Three Sisters, Three Queens. (Mary and Margaret Tudor, Katherine of Aragon)
Gynther, Dana, The Woman In the Photograph. (Lee Miller/Man Ray)
Hall, Louisa, Trinity. (Robert Oppenheimer)
Hansen, Ron, The Kid. (Billy the Kid)
Harper, Karen, American Duchess. (Consuelo Vanderbilt)
Harper, Karen, The Royal Nanny. (Charlotte Bill)
Harrigan, Stephen R., A Friend of Mr. Lincoln. (Abraham Lincoln)
Higginbotham, Susan, Hanging Mary. (Mary Surratt)
Holleman, Emily, Cleopatra’s Shadows. (Berenice & Arsinoe)
Hooper, Elise, Learning to See. (Dorothea Lange)
Horan, Nancy, Loving Frank. (Mamah Cheney/Frank Lloyd Wright)
Horan, Nancy, Under the Wide and Starry Sky. (Fanny Osborne/Robert Louis Stevenson)
Hunt, Angela, Bathsheba, Reluctant Beauty.
Jones, Sherry, The Sharp Hook of Love. (Heloise & Abelard)
Jones, Sherry, Josephine Baker’s Last Dance
Kazan, Philip, The Painter of Souls. (Fra Filippo Lippi)
Keneally, Thomas, Napoleon’s Last Island.
Kilpack, Josi, Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton.
Klaussmann, Liza, Villa America. (Gerald & Sara Murphy)
Kline, Christina Baker, A Piece of the World. (Christina Olsen/Andrew Wyeth)
Lagercrantz, David, Fall of Man in Wilmslow: The Death and Life of Alan Turing.
Letts, Elizabeth, Finding Dorothy. (Maude & L. Frank Baum)
Macallister, Greer, Girl in Disguise.  (Kate Warne)
Maher, Kerri, The Kennedy Debutante. (Kathleen Kennedy)
McFadden, Bernice, Book of Harlan. (Harlan Elliot)
McLain, Paula, Circling the Sun. (Beryl Markham)
McLain, Paula, The Paris Wife.  (Hadley Hemingway)
Moran, Michelle, Mata Hari’s Last Dance.
Moran, Michelle, Rebel Queen. (Lakshmi of Jansi)
Neugeboren, Jay, Max Baer and the Star of David.
O’Connor, Nuala, Miss Emily. (Emily Dickinson)
Oliveira, Robin, I Always Loved You. (Mary Cassatt)
O’Nan, Stewart, West of Sunset. (F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald)
Orringer, Julie, The Flight Portfolio. (Varian Fry)
Palombo, Alyssa, The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence. (Botticelli)
Palombo, Alyssa, The Violinist of Venice. (Antonio Vivaldi)
Parini, Jay, Damascus Road. (St. Paul)
Pataki, Allison, The Accidental Empress. (Elisabeth of Austria)
Pataki, Allison, Sisi: Empress On Her Own. (Elisabeth of Austria)
Purdy, Brandy, Two Empresses. (Josephine/Aimee du Buc Rivery)
Randel, Weina Dai, The Empress of Bright Moon. (Empress Consort Wu)
Randel, Weina Dai, The Moon In the Palace. (China’s Empress Consort Wu)
Redgold, Eliza, Naked. (Lady Godiva)
Rideout, Tanis, Above All Things. (George Mallory)
Robuck, Erica, Fallen Beauty. (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
Scharer, Whitney, Age of Light. (Lee Miller)
Schwartz, John Burnham, The Red Daughter. (Svetlana Alliluyeva)
Sharratt, Mary, The Dark Lady’s Mask. (Aemilia Lanier)
Smith, Dinitia, The Honeymoon. (George Eliot)
Toibin, Colm, The Master. (Henry James)
Trigiani, Adriana, All the Stars In the Heavens. (Loretta Young)
Tripp, Dawn, Georgia. (Georgia O’Keeffe)
Vincent, Norah, Adeline: A Novel of Virginia Woolf.
Vreeland, Susan, Clara and Mr. Tiffany. (Louis Comfort Tiffany/Clara Driscoll)
Walsh, Jenni, Becoming Bonnie. (Bonnie and Clyde)
Warlick, Ashley, The Arrangement. (M.F.K. Fisher)  
Weir, Alison, Anna of Kleve: The Princess in the Portrait. (Anne of Cleeves) 
Wood, Shelley, The Quintland Sister. (Dionne quintuplets)

You will also find many excellent titles listed on the Historical Novel Society’s website.


Aldersey-Williams, Hugh, The Tide: The Science and Stories Behind the Greatest Force On Earth.
Alsar, Vital, La Balsa: The Longest Raft Voyage In History.
Angus, Julie, Rowboat in a Hurricane: My Amazing Journey Across a Changing Atlantic Ocean.
Archibald, Brett, Alone: Lost Overboard In the Indian Ocean.
Balcombe, Jonathan, What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins.
Beck, Horace, Folklore and the Sea.
Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans.
Borgese, Elisabeth, Drama of the Oceans.
Buckley, William F Jr. Airborne: A Sentimental Journey.
Casey, Susan, The Wave.
Compton, Nic, Sailing Solo: The Legendary Sailors and the Great Races.
Cordingley, David, Women Sailors and Sailors’ Women.
Cousteau, Jacques, Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso.
Cousteau, Jacques, The Ocean World.
Cramer, Deborah, Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage.
Cussler, Clive & Craig Dirgo, The Sea Hunters: Three Adventures With Famous Sea Wrecks.
Earle, Sylvia, Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans.
Eriksen, Marcus, Junk Raft: An Ocean Voyage and a Rising Tide of Activism To Fight Plastic Pollution.
Finney, Ben R. Hokule’a: The Way to Tahiti.
Hoyt, Erich. Creatures of the Deep: In Search of the Sea’s “Monsters” and the World They Live In.
Kunzig, Robert, The Restless Sea: Exploring the World Beneath the Waves.
Leslie, Anita, Francis Chichester: A Biography.
Matsen, Brad, Jacques Cousteau.
Moesly, Sue & Julius Wilensky, Circumnavigation: Sail the Tradewinds.
Ocean: The Definitive Visual Guide.
Oceans of the World: Man’s Conquest of the Sea.
Shaw, David W. Daring the Sea: The True Story of the First Men To Row Across the Atlantic.
Syme, Ronald, The Travels of Captain Cook.

Prefer fiction? Try Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey & Maturin series (starts with Master and Commander), C.S. Forester’s Hornblower Saga, or books by Dewey Lambdin, Philip McCutchan, or Alexander Kent.

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Alter, Cathy, ed., Crush: Writers Reflect On Love, Longing and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush.
Amar, Akhil R., The Law of the Land: A Grand Tour of Our Constitutional Republic.
Britt, Ryan, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky Truths.
Crosley, Sloane, I Was Told There’d Be Cake.
Dawson, Shane, I Hate My Selfie.
Didion, Joan, Slouching Towards Bethlehem.
Didion, Joan, The White Album.
Dillard, Annie, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.
Dillard, Annie, The Writing Life.
Dirda, Michael, Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting and Living With Books.
Ephron, Nora, I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts About Being a Woman.
Ephron, Nora, I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections.
Francis, Gavin, Adventures In Human Being: A Grand Tour From the Cranium To the Calcaneum.
Fromartz, Samuel, In Search of the Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker’s Odyssey.
Gay, Roxane, Bad Feminist.
Gessen, Keith & Squibb, Stephen City By City: Dispatches From the American Metropolis.
Gopnik, Adam, Paris To the Moon.
Handler, Chelsea, Uganda Be Kidding Me.
Hirschfield, Jane, Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World.
Hitchens, Christopher, Arguably: Essays By Christopher Hitchens.
Keegan, Marina, The Opposite of Loneliness.
LaMarche, Una, Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer.
Lamott, Anne, Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace.
McInerney, Jay, The Juice: Vinous Veritas.
McPhee, John, Silk Parachute.
Merkin, Daphne, Dreaming of Hitler.
Merwin, W.S., The Ends of the Earth: Essays.
Orange, Michelle, This Is Running For Your Life: Essays.
Patchett, Ann, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage.
Peacock, Nancy, A Broom of One’s Own: Words On Writing, Housecleaning and Life.
Percy, Walker, Signposts In a Strange Land.
Quammen, David, The Flight of the Iguana.
Quammen, David, The Song of the Dodo.
Quindlen, Anna Loud and Clear.
Rivers, Joan, I Hate Everyone—Starting With Me.
Robinson, Marilynne,   When I Was a Child I Read Books.
Saunders, George, The Braindead Megaphone.
Scottoline, L. & Serritella, F., Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?
Scottoline, Lisa, Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog.
Sedaris, David, Me Talk Pretty One Day.
Slouka, Mark, Essays From the Nick of Time: Reflections & Refutations.
Sontag, Susan, Where the Stress Falls.  
Updike, John, Higher Gossip: Essays and Criticism.
Walker, Alice, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens.
Walker, Alice, Living By the Word.
Wallace, David Foster, Consider the Lobster.
Wasserstein, Wendy, Shiksa Goddess (Or, How I Spent My Forties).
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Arden, Katherine, The Bear and the Nightingale.
Arden, Katherine, The Girl In the Tower.
Atwood, Margaret, The Robber Bride.
Blackwell, Elizabeth, While Beauty Slept.
Card, Orson Scott, Enchantment.
Flinn, Alex, Towering.
Forsyth, Kate, Bitter Greens.
Gaiman, Neil & Riddell Chris, The Sleeper and the Spindle.
Hodge, Rosamund, Cruel Beauty.
Hodge, Rosamund, Crimson Bound.
Lackey, Mercedes, Beauty and the Werewolf.
Lackey, Mercedes, The Black Swan.
Lackey, Mercedes, Blood Red.
Lackey, Mercedes, The Fairy Godmother.  
Lackey, Mercedes, The Fire Rose.   
Lackey, Mercedes, Firebird.
Lackey, Mercedes, Fortune’s Fool.   
Lackey, Mercedes, The Gates of Sleep.
Lackey, Mercedes, Home From the Sea.
Lackey, Mercedes, One Good Knight.
Lackey, Mercedes, Phoenix and Ashes.
Lackey, Mercedes, Reserved For the Cat.   
Lackey, Mercedes, Sleeping Beauty.
Lackey, Mercedes, Unnatural Issue.    
LaValle, Victor, The Changeling.
Lewis, C.S., Till We Have Faces.
Maguire, Gregory, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.
Maguire, Gregory, Mirror, Mirror.
Marillier, Juliet, Daughter of the Forest.
McKinley, Robin, Beauty.
McKinley, Robin, Deerskin.
McKinley, Robin, Rose Daughter.
McKinley, Robin, Spindle’s End.
Murphy, Louise, The True Story of Hansel and Gretel.
Novik, Naomi, Uprooted.
Oyeyemi, Helen, Boy, Snow, Bird.
Teller, Danielle, All the Ever Afters.
Turgeon, Carolyn, Fairest of Them All.
Turgeon, Carolyn, Mermaid.
Valente, Catherynne, Deathless.
Valentine, Genevieve, The Girls at the Kingfisher Club.
Vinge, Joan D., The Snow Queen.
Click here for a printable suggestion list. 

Abad, Hector, The Farm (Spanish)
Berberova, Nina, The Book of Happiness (Russian).
Calvino, Italo, Invisible Cities (Italian).
Camus, Albert, The Stranger (French).
de Cervantes, Miguel, Don Quixote (Spanish).
Deledda, Grazia, After the Divorce (Italian).
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, Crime and Punishment (Russian).
Dumas, Alexandre, The Three Musketeers (French).
Flaubert, Gustave, Madame Bovary (French).
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, One Hundred Years of Solitude (Spanish).
Gogol, Nikolai, Dead Souls (Russian).
Hamidou Kane, Cheikh, Ambiguous Adventure (French).
Hugo, Victor, Les Miserables (French).
Kadare, Ismail, The General of The Dead Army (Albanian).
Kafka, Franz, The Trial (German).
Kazantzakis, Nikos ,Zorba The Greek (Greek).
Keret, Etgar, The Nimrod Flipout (Hebrew).
Knausgaard, Karl Ove, My Struggle (Norwegian).
Mahfouz, Naguib, The Cairo Trilogy (Arabic).
Mann, Thomas, The Magic Mountain (German).
Maurois, Andre, Climates (French).
Oe, Kenzaburo, A Personal Matter (Japanese).
Pamuk, Orhan, My Name is Red (Turkish).
Poznanski, Ursula, Strangers (German)
Shibli, Adania, Touch (Palestinian).
Schulz, Bruno, Collected Stories (Polish).
Tolstoy, Leo, Anna Karenina (Russian).
Voltaire, Candide (French).
Xingjian, Gao, Soul Mountain (Chinese).
Yamada, Amy, Bedtime Eyes (Japanese).
Yan, Mo, Red Sorghum Clan (Chinese).
Zweig, Stefan, Chess Story (Austrian).

For additional suggestions check Three Percent.
Click here to read a short introduction to this format and each of the titles listed below. 

Aaron, Jason and LaTour, Jason, Southern Bastards: Volume 1: Here Was A Man.   
Bechdel, Alison, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.
Bourdain, Anthony and Rose, Joel, Get Jiro!
Carey, Mike, The Unwritten: Volume One: Tommy Taylor & The Bogus Identity.
DeMatteis, J.M., Moonshadow.
Diaz Canales, Juan and Guarnido, Juanjo, Blacksad.
Eisner, Will, A Contract With God: Life on Dropsie Avenue.
Gelatt, Phillip and Tyler Crook, Petrograd.
Hernandez, Gilbert and Hernandez, Jaime, Heartbreak Soup: The First Volume of ‘Palomar’ Stories.
Hernandez, Gilbert and Hernandez, Jaime, Maggie the Mechanic: The First Volume of ‘Locas’ Stories.
Kim, Tong-hwa, The Color of Earth.
Moon, Fabio and Gabriel Ba, Daytripper.
Moore, Alan, Watchmen.
Rucka, Greg, Queen and Country.
Sacco, Joe, Safe Area Gorazde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995.
Satrapi, Marjane, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood.
Tezuka, Osamu, Buddha: Volume 1: Kapilavastu.
Vaughan, Brian K and Fiona Staples, Saga.
Willingham, Bill, Fables: Volume 1: Legends in Exile.
Yoshinaga, Fumi, All My Darling Daughters.
Yoshinaga, Fumi, What Did You Eat Yesterday?.
Click here for a printable suggestion list. 

Anderson, Jodi Lynn, Tiger Lily. (Peter Pan)
Bayard, Louis, Mr. Timothy. (A Christmas Carol)
Bohjalian, Chris, The Double Bind. (The Great Gatsby)
Brooks, Geraldine, March. (Little Women)
Capella, Anthony, The Food of Love. (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Carey, Peter, Jack Maggs. (Great Expectations)
Clinch, Jon, Finn. (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
Cunningham, Michael, The Hours. (Mrs. Dalloway)
Daoud, Kamel, The Meursault Investigation. (The Stranger)
Donati, Sara, Into the Wilderness. (The Last of the Mohicans)
Forsyth, Frederick, The Phantom of Manhattan. (The Phantom of the Opera)
Gardner, John, Grendel. (Beowulf)
Hill, Susan,  Mrs. de Winter. (Rebecca)
Jones, Lloyd, Mister Pip. (Great Expectations)
Kostova, Elizabeth, The Historian. (Dracula)
Lang, Maya, The Sixteenth of June. (Ulysses)
Llewellyn, Sam, The Shadow In the Sands. (The Riddle of the Sands)
Lowrey, Sassafras, Lost Boi. (Peter Pan)
Maguire, Gregory, After Alice. (Alice In Wonderland)
Maguire, Gregory, Wicked. (Wizard of Oz)
Martin, Valerie, Mary Reilly. (Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
McCaig, Donald, Rhett Butler’s People. (Gone With the Wind)
McCaig, Donald, Ruth’s Journey. (Gone With the Wind)
Mieville, China, Railsea. (Moby Dick)
Naslund, Sena Jeter, Ahab’s Wife or The Star Gazer. (Moby Dick)
Nicholls, David, Us. (The Ambassadors)
Parker, Robert B., Perchance To Dream: Robert B. Parker’s Sequel to Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep.
Paton Walsh, Jill, Thrones, Dominations. (Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries)
Randall, Alice, The Wind Done Gone. (Gone With the Wind)
Rawles, Nancy, My Jim. (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
Reed, Paula, Hester: The Missing Years of The Scarlet Letter.
Ripley, Alexandra, Scarlett. (Gone With the Wind)
Segal, Francesca, The Innocents. (Age of Innocence)
Self, Will, Dorian: An Imitation. (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
Sheck, Laurie, A Monster’s Notes. (Frankenstein)
Smiley, Jane, Ten Days In the Hills. (The Decameron)
Smith, Zadie, On Beauty. (Howard’s End)
Teran, Andi, Ana of California. (Anne of Green Gables)
Updike, John, Brazil.  (Tristan and Isolde)
Williams, Beatriz, A Certain Age. (Der Rosenkavalier)
Yanique, Tiphanie, Land of Love and Drowning. (One Hundred Years of Solitude)
Click here for a printable list. 

Alcott, Louisa May, Little Women.
Austen, Jane, Pride and Prejudice.
Bernstein, Carl and Woodward, Bob, All the President’s Men.
Bradbury, Ray, Fahrenheit 451.
Brontë , Charlotte, Jane Eyre.
Brontë, Emily, Wuthering Heights.
Chandler, Raymond, The Big Sleep.
Clancy, Tom, The Hunt for Red October.
Collins, Suzanne, The Hunger Games.
Crichton, Michael, Jurassic Park.
Dahl, Roald, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
De Cervantes, Miguel, Don Quixote.
Doctorow, E.L., Ragtime.
Dumas, Alexandre, The Three Musketeers.
Fitzgerald. F. Scott, The Great Gatsby.
Flynn, Gillian, Gone Girl.
Grisham, John, The Firm.
King, Stephen, The Shining.
Krakauer, Jon, Into the Wild.
Hammett, Dashiell, The Maltese Falcon.
Heller, Joseph, Catch-22.
Hemingway, Ernest, The Old Man and the Sea.
Himes, Chester, Cotton Comes to Harlem.
Hugo, Victor, Les Misérables.
Ludlum, Robert, The Bourne Identity.
Martel, Yann, Life of Pi.
Matheson, Richard, I Am Legend.
McCullers, Carson, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.
Meyer, Stephanie, Twilight.
O’Connor, Flannery, Wise Blood.
Puzo, Mario, The Godfather.
Rowling, J.K., Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Sachar, Louis, Holes.
Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein.
Smith, Betty, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
Steinbeck, John, Of Mice and Men.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, Treasure Island.
Thompson, Hunter S., Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Tidyman, Ernest, Shaft.
Tolkien, J.R.R., The Hobbit.
Verne, Jules, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Vonnegut, Kurt, Slaughterhouse-Five.
Walker, Alice, The Color Purple.
Warren, Robert Penn, All the King’s Men.
Wells, H.G., The Time Machine.
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Ackerman, Diane, One Hundred Names For Love.
Addario, Lynsey, It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War.
Angelou, Maya, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
Beah, Ishmael, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.
Blow, Charles, A Fire Shut Up In My Bones.
Bourdain, Anthony, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.
Bowen, James, A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life.
Boylan, Jennifer F., She’s Not There: A Life In Two Genders.
Broyard, Bliss, One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life—A Story of Race and Family Secrets.
Burroughs, Augusten, Running With Scissors: A Memoir.
Cahalan, Susannah, Brain On Fire: My Month of Madness.
Coleman, Melissa, This Life Is In Your Hands.
Deen, Shulem, All Who Go Do Not Return.
Didion, Joan, The Year of Magical Thinking.
Dugard, Jaycee, A Stolen Life: A Memoir.
Duke, Patty, Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke.
Ebert, Roger, Life Itself.
Flinn, Kathleen, The Sharper the Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter and Tears at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School.
Fuller, Alexandra, Don’t Let’s Go To the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood.
Gordon, Kim, Girl In a Band.
Grealy, Lucy, Autobiography of a Face.
Hamilton, Bethany, Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting To Get Back On Board.
Hamilton, Gabrielle, Blood, Bones and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef.
Hepola, Sarah, Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget.
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, Infidel.
Hurston, Zora Neale, Dust Tracks On a Road.
Janzen, Rhoda, Mennonite In a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home.
Jefferson, Margo, Negroland.
Kalanithi, Paul, When Breath Becomes Air.
Kaling, Mindy, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).
Kamkwamba, William & Mealer, Bryan, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.
Karr, Mary, The Liar’s Club.
Kaysen, Susanna, Girl, Interrupted.
Kerman, Piper, Orange Is the New Black: My Year In a Women’s Prison.
Kim, Suki, Without You There Is No Us: My Time With the Sons of North Korea’s Elite.
King, Stephen, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.
Kingsolver, Barbara, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.
Kingston, Maxine Hong, Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts.
Lakshmi, Padma, Love, Loss and What We Ate.
Lawson, Jenny, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir.
Markham, Beryl, West With the Night.
Mann, Sally, Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs.
Marlantes, Karl, What It Is Like to Go to War.
McBride, James, The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother.
McCourt, Frank, Angela’s Ashes.
Moore, Wes, The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.
Moreno, Rita, Rita Moreno: A Memoir.
Murakami, Haruki, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.
Nafisi, Azar, Reading Lolita In Tehran: A Memoir In Books.
O’Rourke, Meghan, The Long Goodbye.
Rhimes, Shonda, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person.
Reichl, Ruth, Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic In Disguise.
Robison, John Elder, Look Me In the Eye: My Life With Asperger’s.
Rosenblatt, Roger, Making Toast.
Sacks, Oliver, On the Move: A Life.
Saks, Elyn R., The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness.
Sankovitch, Nina, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading.
See, Carolyn, Dreaming: Hard Luck and Good Times In America.
Shapiro, Dani, Devotion.
Smith, Patti, Just Kids.
Strayed, Cheryl, Wild: From Lost to Found On the Pacific Crest Trail.
Tomsky, Jacob, Heads In Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitality.
Walls, Jeannette, The Glass Castle.
Yousafzai, Malala, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot By the Taliban.
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Ackerman, Diane, A Natural History of the Senses.
Ambrose, Stephen, Undaunted Courage:  Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West.
Armstrong, Karen, The Great Transformation: The Beginning of our Religious Traditions.
Ball, Edward, Slaves in the Family.
Bourdain, Anthony, The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones.
Brown, Daniel, Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Brower, Kate Anderson, Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.
Bryson, Bill, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail.
Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish Saved Civilization.
Conover, Ted, Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing.
Eggers, Dave, Zeitoun.
Ehrenreich, Barbara, Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America.
Feiler, Bruce, Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses.
Feinstein, John, A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour.
Fink, Sheri, Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in Storm-Ravaged Hospital.
Gawande, Atul, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters Most in the End.
Gross, Michael, 740 Park: The Story of the World’s Richest Apartment Building.
Hillenbrand, Laura, Seabscuit: An American Legend.
Isaacson, Walter. Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created a Digital Revolution.
Katz, Jon, Dog Days.
Koppel, Lily, Astronaut Wives Club.
Krakauer, Jon, Into Thin Air:  A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster.
Krauthammer, Charles, Things that Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics.
Kurlansky, Mark, Salt: A World History.
Kurson, Robert, Pirate Hunters: The Search for the Golden Fleece.
Leibovich, Mark, This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral – Plus Plenty of Valet Parking! – In America’s Gilded Capital.
Levitt, Steven, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.
Macdonald, Helen, H is for Hawk.
Myron, Vicki, Dewey: A Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.
Nazario, Sonia, Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother.
Orlean, Susan, Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession.
Pollan, Michael, Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.
Roach, Mary, Stiff: the curious Lives of Human Cadavers.
Reichl, Ruth, My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes that Saved my Life.
Skloot, Rebecca, Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
Sykes, Bryan, Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry.
Swanson, James, Manhunt: Twelve Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer.
Tirella, Joseph, Tomorrow-land: the 1964-65 World’s Fair and the Transformation of America.
Ward, James, The Perfection of the Paper Clip, Curious Tales of Invention, Accidental genius, and stationery Obsession.
West, Cornel, Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism.

Individual Poets

Angelou, Maya, Phenomenal Woman.
Angelou, Maya, The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou.
Beasley, Sandra, i was the jukebox.
Berry, Wendall, New Collected Poems.
Bishop, Elizabeth, Poems.
Clifton, Lucille, Blessing the Boats.
Collins, Billy, Aimless Love.
Collins, Billy, The Trouble with Poetry and Other Poems.
Giovanni Nikki, The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni.
Giovanni Nikki, Bicycles: Love Poems.
Grennan, Eamon, Out of Sight: New and Selected Poems.
Heaney, Seamus, Opened Ground.
Kenyon, Jane, Otherwise:  New and Selected Poems.
Kooser, Ted, Delights & Shadows.
Kumin, Maxine, Where I Live.
Oliver, Mary, Why I Wake Early.
Oliver, Mary, Blue Horses.
Nye, Naomi Shihab, 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East.
Ryan, Kay, Elephant Rocks.
Sandburg, Carl, Selected Poems.
William, William Carlos, The Collected Poems of William Carlos William.
Yanique, Tiphanie, Wife.


Anthologies are a great way to start – dip into poems and see what you like and what speaks to you.
Essential Pleasures: A New Anthology of Poems to Read Aloud.
Good Poems: Selected and Introduced by Garrison Keillor.
Good Poems for Hard Times: Selected and Introduced by Garrison Keillor.
Poems to Read: A New Favorite Poem Project Anthology.
She Walks In Beauty: A Woman’s Journey Through Poems.
The Poets Laureate Anthology
The Spoken Word Revolution: Slam, Hip-Hop & The Poetry of a New Generation.

Click here for a printable suggestion list.
Click here for a printable version. 
Alter, Adam, Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked.
Barrett, Lisa, How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.
Berns, Gregory, What It’s Like To Be a Dog.
Blackburn, Elizabeth, The Telomer Effect: A Revolutionary Approach To Living Younger, Healthier, Longer.
Blakeslee, Nate, American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession In the West.
Bosch, Torie, What Future: The Year’s Best Ideas To Reclaim, Reanimate and Reinvent Our Future.
Brannen, Peter, The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans and Our Quest To Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions.
Burdick, Alan, Why Time Flies.
Collins, Harry, Gravity’s Kiss: The Detection of Gravitational Waves.
Doudna, Jennifer, A Crack In Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power To Control Evolution.
Du Sautoy, Marcus, The Great Unknown: Seven Journeys To the Frontiers of Science.
Egan, Dan, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes.
Eriksen, Marcus, Junk Raft: An Ocean Voyage and a Rising Tide of Activism To Fight Plastic Pollution.
Everett, Caleb, Numbers and the Making of Us.
Goodell, Jeff, The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities and the Remaking of the Civilized World.
Harkup, Kathryn, Making the Monster: The Science Behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Harris, Richard, Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope and Wastes Billions.
Haskell, David George, The Songs of Trees.
Kaku, Michio, The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality and Our Destiny Beyond Earth.
Kang, Lydia, Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways To Cure Everything.
Levin, Janna, Black Hole Blues (and Other Songs From Outer Space.)
McKenna, Maryn, Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats.
Otto, Mary, Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality and the Struggle For Oral Health.
Peterson, Brenda, Wolf Nation: The Life, Death and Return of Wild American Wolves.
Pinker, Steven, Enlightenment Now: The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress.
Prum, Richard O., The Evolution of Beauty.
Reich, David, Who We Are and How We Got Here: The Ancient DNA Revolution and the New Science of the Human Past.
Reiss, Benjamin, Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World.
Rochman, Bonnie, The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing the Way We Have Kids and the Kids We Have.
Searls, Damion, Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test and the Power of Seeing.
Sloman, Steven, The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone.
Sacks, Oliver, River of Consciousness.
Staaf, Danna, Squid Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopods.
Thompson, Derek, Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity In an Age of Distraction.
Vertosick, Frank, The Genius Within: Discovering the Intelligence of Every Living Thing.
Watzke, Megan & Arcand, Kimberley, Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe.

To find a prize winner to read, check the lists at these websites:

Agatha Awards (Mystery) 

Anthony Awards (Mystery) 

Edgar Awards (Mystery) 

Hugo Awards (Science Fiction)

Nebula Awards (Science Fiction) 

World Fantasy Awards 

International Thriller Writers Awards 

Bram Stoker Award (Horror) 

Romance Writers of America RITA Awards 

Man Booker Prize 

National Book Awards 

National Book Critics Circle Awards 

Nobel Prize In Literature 

PEN Literary Awards 

Pulitzer Prizes 

Women’s Prize for Fiction (Bailey’s) 

Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer, “Avalon Series”, The Mists of Avalon.
Brett, Peter, “Demon Cycle”, The Warded Man.
Bujold, Lois McMaster, “Sharing Knife”, Beguilement.
Bujold, Lois McMaster, “Curse of Chalion”, The Curse of Chalion.
Card, Orson Scott, “Alvin Maker”, Seventh Son.
Duane, Diane, “Young Wizards”, So You Want To Be a Wizard.
Erikson, Steven, “Malazan Book of the Fallen”, Gardens of the Moon.
Grossman, Lev, “Magicians”, The Magicians.
Hobb, Robin, “Farseer”, Assassin’s Apprentice.
Hobb, Robin, “Liveship Traders”, Ship of Magic.
Hobb, Robin, “Rain Wilds Chronicles”, Dragon Keeper.
Jemisen, N.K., “Inheritance Trilogy”, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.
Jordan, Robert, “The Wheel of Time”, The Eye of the World.
Kay, Guy Gavriel, “Fionavar Tapestry”, The Summer Tree.
Kowal, Mary Robinette, “Shades of Milk and Honey”, Shades of Milk and Honey.
Kurtz, Katherine, “Chronicles of the Deryni”, Camber of Culdi.
Lackey, Mercedes, “Elemental Masters”, The Fire Rose.
Lackey, Mercedes, “500 Kingdoms”, The Fairy Godmother.
Lackey, Mercedes, “Heralds of Valdemar”, Arrows of the Queen.
Le Guin, Ursula K., “Earthsea Cycle”, A Wizard of Earthsea.
Lynch, Scott, “Gentleman Bastard”, The Lies of Locke Lamora.
McGuire, Seanan, “October Daye”, Rosemary and Rue.
McKillip, Patricia, “Riddle-Master Trilogy”, The Riddle-Master of Hed.
Novik, Naomi, “Temeraire Series”, His Majesty’s Dragon.
Paolini, Christopher, “Inheritance Cycle”, Eragon.
Pratchett, Terry, “Discworld”, Mort.
Sanderson, Brandon, “Mistborn”, The Final Empire.
Schwab, V.E., “Darker Shade of Magic”, A Darker Shade of Magic.
Stewart, Mary, “Merlin Quintet”, The Crystal Cave.
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Auel, Jean, “Earth’s Children”, Clan of the Cave Bear.
Card, Orson Scott, “Women of Genesis”, Sarah.
Chadwick, Elizabeth, “Fitzwarren Novels”, Shadows and Strongholds.
Cornwell, Bernard, “Saxon Chronicles”, The Last Kingdom.
Cornwell, Bernard, “Sharpe”, Sharpe’s Tiger.
Donati, Sara, “Wilderness Series”, Into the Wilderness.
Dunnett, Dorothy, “Lymond Chronicles”, The Game of Kings.
Dunnett, Dorothy, “House of Niccolo”, Niccolo Rising.
Follett, Ken, “Century”, Fall of Giants.
Gabaldon, Diana, “Outlander”, Outlander.
Graham, Winston, “Poldark”, Ross Poldark.
Gregory, Philippa, “The Cousins’ War”, The White Queen.
Gregory, Philippa, “Tudor Series”, The Other Boleyn Girl.
Iggulden, Conn, “Conqueror Series”, Genghis: Birth of an Empire.
Iggulden, Conn, “Emperor Series”, The Gates of Rome.
Kent, Alexander, “Richard Bolitho”, Stand Into Danger.
Lambdin, Dewey, “Alan Lewrie”, The King’s Coat.
McCullough, Colleen, “Masters of Rome” The First Man In Rome.
O’Brian, Patrick, “Aubrey/Maturin Series”, Master and Commander.
Penman, Sharon Kay, “Welsh Princes”, Here Be Dragons.
Pope, Dudley, “Nicholas Ramage”, Ramage
Riley, Judith Merkle, “Margaret of Ashbury”, A Vision of Light.
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Albert, Susan Wittig, “China Bayles Herbal Mysteries”, Thyme of Death.
Andrews, Donna, “Meg Langslow”, Murder With Peacocks.
Barr, Nevada, “Anna Pigeon”, Track of the Cat.
Bradley, Alan, “Flavia DeLuce”, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.
Child, Lee, “Jack Reacher”, The Killing Floor.
Coben, Harlan, “Myron Bolitar”, Deal Breaker.
Connelly, Michael, “Harry Bosch”, The Black Echo.
Cornwell, Patricia, “Kay Scarpetta”, Postmortem.
Coulter, Catherine, “FBI Series”, The Cove.
Davidson, Diane Mott, “Goldie Schulz Culinary Mysteries”, Catering To Nobody.
Evanovich, Janet, “Stephanie Plum Series”, One for the Money.
Fluke, Joanne, “Hannah Swenson Mysteries”, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.
Gardner, Lisa, “D.D. Warren”, Alone.
George, Elizabeth, “Inspector Lynley”, A Great Deliverance.
Gerritsen, Tess, “Rizzoli & Isles”, The Surgeon.
Grafton, Sue, “Kinsey Milhone Alphabet Mysteries”, A Is For Alibi.
Gunn, Elizabeth, “Jake Hines”, Triple Play.
Havill, Steven, “Posadas County”, Heartshot.
Henry, Sue, “Jessie Arnold”, Murder on the Iditarod Trail.
Jance, J.A., “Ali Reynolds”, Edge of Evil.
Jance, J.A., “J.P. Beaumont”, Until Proven Guilty.
Jance, J.A., “Joanna Brady”, Desert Heat.    
Johansen, Iris, “Eve Duncan Forensics”, The Face of Deception.
Kellerman, Faye, “Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus”, The Ritual Bath.
Kellerman, Jonathan, “Alex Delaware”, When the Bough Breaks.
King, Laurie R., “Mary Russell Mysteries”, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.
Leon, Donna, “Commissario Brunetti”, Death at La Fenice.
Maron, Margaret, “Judge Deborah Knott”, Bootlegger’s Daughter.
McCall Smith, Alexander, “No. 1 Ladies’ Dtective Agency”, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.
Muller, Marcia, “Sharon McCone”, Edwin of the Iron Shoes.
Paretsky, Sara, “V.I. Warshawski”, Indemnity Only.
Parker, Robert B., “Spenser”, The Godwulf Manuscript.
Patterson, James, “Alex Cross”, Along Came a Spider.
Patterson, James, “Women’s Murder Club”, 1st To Die.
Penny, Louise, “Chief Inspector Gamache”, Still Life.
Perry, Anne, “William Monk”, The Face of a Stranger.
Perry, Anne, “Thomas & Charlotte Pitt”, The Cater Street Hangman.
Peters, Elizabeth, “Amelia Peabody”, Crocodile on the Sandbank.
Raybourn, Deanna, “Lady Julia Grey”, Silent in the Grave.
Reichs, Kathy, “Temperance Brennan”, Deja Dead.
Robb, J.D., “In Death”, Naked In Death.
Silva, Daniel, “Gabriel Allon”, The Kill Artist.
Slaughter, Karin, “Will Trent”, Triptych.
Walker, Martin, “Chief of Police Bruno”, Bruno, Chief of Police.
Winspear, Jacqueline, “Maisie Dobbs”, Maisie Dobbs.
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Andre, Bella, “The Sullivans”, The Look of Love.
Balogh, Mary, “Bedwyn Saga”, Slightly Married.
Balogh, Mary, “Huxtable Family”, First Comes Marriage.
Balogh, Mary, “Survivor’s Club”, The Proposal.
Burke, Darcy, “Ribbon Ridge”, Only In My Dreams.
Burrowes, Grace, “Windham Series”, The Heir. or The Duke and His Duchess/The Courtship.
Burrowes, Grace, “The Duke’s Daughters”, Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish.
Burrowes, Grace, “Lonely Lords”, Darius.
Burrowes, Grace, “MacGregors”, The Bridegroom Wore Plaid.
Burrowes, Grace,  “Sweetest Kisses”, A Single Kiss.
Carr, Robyn, “Virgin River”, Virgin River.
Carr, Robyn, “Thunder Point”, The Wanderer.
Chase, Loretta, “The Dressmakers”, Silk Is For Seduction.
Kleypas, Lisa, “Friday Harbor”   Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.
MacLean, Sarah, “Love By Numbers”, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake.
MacLean, Sarah, “Rules of Scoundrels”, A Rogue By Any Other Name.
MacLean, Sarah, “Scandal and Scoundrel”, The Rogue Not Taken.
Macomber, Debbie, “Blossom Street”, The Shop On Blossom Street.
Macomber, Debbie, “Cedar Cove”, 16 Lighthouse Road.
Macomber, Debbie, “Rose Harbor Inn”, The Inn At Rose Harbor.
Mallery, Susan, “Blackberry Island”, Barefoot Season.
Mallery, Susan, “Fool’s Gold”, Chasing Perfect.
Mallery, Susan, “Lone Star Sisters”, Under Her Skin
Quinn, Julia, “The Bridgertons”, The Duke and I.
Richards, Emilie, “Goddesses Anonymous”, One Mountain Away.
Richards, Emilie, “Happiness Key”, Happiness Key.
Richards, Emilie, “Shenandoah Album”, Wedding Ring.
Roberts, Nora, “Born In”, Born In Fire.
Roberts, Nora, “Bride Quartet”, Vision In White.
Roberts, Nora, “Chesapeake Bay”, Sea Swept.
Roberts, Nora, “In the Garden”, Blue Dahlia.
Roberts, Nora, “Stanislaski Family”, Taming Natasha.
Roberts, Nora, “Three Sisters Island”, Dance Upon the Air.
Shalvis, Jill, “Lucky Harbor”, Simply Irresistible.
Stewart, Mariah, “Chesapeake Diaries”, Coming Home.
Wiggs, Susan, “Bella Vista Chronicles”, The Apple Orchard.
Wiggs, Susan, “Lakeshore Chronicles”, Summer At Willow Lake.
Woods, Sherryl, “Chesapeake Shores”, The Inn At Eagle Point.
Woods, Sherryl, “Sweet Magnolias”, Stealing Home.   
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Abercrombie, Joe, “First Law”, The Blade Itself.
Adams, Douglas, “Hitchhiker’s Guide”, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Asaro, Catherine, “Saga of the Skolian Empire”, Primary Inversion.
Banks, Iain M, “Culture Novels”, Consider Phlebas.
Bujold, Lois McMaster, “Vorkosigan Saga”, The Warrior’s Apprentice.
Butler, Octavia E., “Lilith’s Brood”, Xenogenesis.
Card, Orson Scott, “Ender”, Ender’s Game.
Cherryh, C.J., “Alliance-Union Series”, Downbelow Station.
Clarke, Arthur C., “Space Odyssey Series”, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Herbert, Frank, “Dune Series”, Dune.
Le Guin, Ursula K., “Hainish Cycle”, Rocannon’s World.
Niven, Larry, “Mote Series”, The Mote In God’s Eye.
Niven, Larry, “Ringworld”, Ringworld.
Pohl, Frederik, “Heechee Saga”, Gateway.
Robinson, Kim Stanley, “Mars Trilogy”, Red Mars.
Scalzi, John, “Old Man’s War”, Old Man’s War.
Silverberg, Robert, “Majipoor Series”, Lord Valentine’s Castle.
Simmons, Dan, “Hyperion Cantos”, Hyperion.
Willis, Connie, “Oxford Time Travel Series”, Doomsday Book.
Wolf, Gene, “Book of the New Sun”, Shadow of the Torturer.
Click here for a printable suggestion list.

Adichie, Chimananda Ngozi, The Thing Around Your Neck.
Anderson, Sherwood, Winesburg, Ohio.
Antopol, Molly, The UnAmericans.
Antrim, Donald, The Emerald Light in the Air.
Atkinson, Kate, Not the End of the World.
Atwood, Margaret, The Stone Mattress.
Baldwin, James, Going To Meet the Man.
Barnes, Julian, Pulse: Stories.
Barry, Kevin, Dark Lies the Island.
Barry, Rebecca, Later, At the Bar: A Novel in Stories.
Beagle, Peter S, Sleight of Hand.
Bender, Aimee, Willful Creatures.
Bergman, Megan M, Birds of a Lesser Paradise.
Bolano, Roberto, Last Evenings On Earth.
Carver, Raymond, Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?
Chiu, Christina, Troublemaker and Other Saints.
Currie, Ron Jr, God Is Dead.
Davis, Lydia, Can’t and Won’t.
Day, Cathy, The Circus in Winter.
Diaz, Junot, This Is How You Lose Her.
Eggers, Dave, How We Are Hungry.
Elliott, Julia, The Wilds.
Ellis, Helen, American Housewife.
Ford, Richard, Let Me Be Frank With You.
Gaiman, Neil, Trigger Warning: Short Fiction and Disturbances.
Gaitskill, Mary, Because They Wanted To.
Gardam, Jane, The Stories of Jane Gardam.
Heiny, Katherine, Single, Carefree, Mellow.
Johnson, Adam, Fortune Smiles.
Klay, Phil, Redeployment.
Lahiri, Jhumpa, Interpreter of Maladies.
Link, Kelly, Get In Trouble.
Mansfield, Katherine, The Garden Party and Other Stories.
Mantel, Hilary, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher.
Marcus, Ben, Leaving the Sea: Stories.
Marra, Anthony, The Tsar of Love and Techno.
McCracken, Elizabeth, Thunderstruck and Other Stories.
Millhauser, Steven, Voices in the Night.
Moore, Lorrie, Bark.
Munro, Alice, Family Furnishings: Selected Stories 1995—2014.
Novak, B.J, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.
O’Brien, Tim, The Things They Carried.
Pearlman, Edith, Honeydew.
Russell, Karen, Vampires in the Lemon Grove.
Saunders, George, Tenth of December.
Sedaris, David, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary.