A Lawtonberry Grows on Lawton Street

Most everyone is familiar with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries but who has
heard of the “Lawtonberry”? This edible berry, also known as the “Lawton Blackberry,”
has a distinctive place in the history of New Rochelle. In 1834, a single bush of
Lawtonberry was noticed here by Lewis Secor growing in an open field. He began to
cultivate the plant and promoted its superior flavor. It was later exhibited by William
Lawton at the American Farmer’s Club, and so the club named it after him. We are
delighted to note that a healthy Lawtonberry bush is now thriving and producing berries
in the Library garden. The Lawtonberry is a member of the Rose family, and the
scientific name is Rubus philadelphicus.