On November 21st we learned that another library staff member tested positive for COVID 19. As a result we will close our library (Main Library and Huguenot Children’s Library (HCL)) effective Monday 23rd November 23rd with the expectation of reopening on Monday 30th, We are taking this action in order to protect the health and safety of our patrons and staff as well as the New Rochelle community.

We are taking the steps as listed below (in  consultation with New York State COVID personnel and the Westchester County Health Department for the appropriate actions to follow in the wake of this discovery) in order to create a safe space for staff and members of the public:

+ Disinfecting the Circulation area and adjacent lobby space in order to provide a safe space for usage.
+ Closing the library for public use and limiting staff access to the facility for only essential activity.
+ Encouraging staff with sustained Circulation staff contact (15 minutes or longer with distances 6 feet or closer) to obtain a COVID 19 test in order to determine their health status.

We will monitor the status of the health of our staff during this period of closure and plan to reopen our facilities on November 30th in order to provide only curbside service. If this plan is impossible to implement, we will notify the New Rochelle community about our alternative approach.

Our book drops will remain open for returns but our policy of not levying fines for the return of late material continues to remain in place. Staff will continue to monitor voice and email message during this period.

Thank you for your on-going support of the library and your understanding of the current situation.

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